Quantum-A is a software development group. The Group’s total headcount of different teams is over 250 people. Most of them are technical specialists. Our colleagues’ competences is the core value of the company.

If you travel around all offices of our teams, you'll have a great journey! Our headquarters and three other offices are located in Moscow, the developer center is in Ulyanovsk, while product quality control is managed by our Kazan colleagues. Two more of company offices are situated in Saint-Petersburg and Vilnius.

Our major customers are mobile carriers that, in their turn, deliverthe products we develop together to their subscribers. Occasionally, our services have to withstand extreme workload. That is why we try to use the most reliable state-of-the-art technologies to increase development speed and quality.

Mobile television

Mobile television is one of our new directions. But here we have already gained some success. We are developers of MegaFon TV service. Just like with geo services, here we also deliver a comprehensive solution: our team has developed both client interfaces, and the server logic of this complicated product.

Mobile payments

This is a new, dynamically developing worldwide market.

Now, we already have a pilot project with enabled capability to pay for a purchase from the mobile phone account. We are working on extending the partners network, and, in addition to
an easy-to-use payment tool, we offer merchants both a new payment type, and a capability to communicate with their customers.

Contact us

We are always open for offers, partner relations and new business ideas. If you think you can be useful for our team as a specialist, feel free to tell us about yourself. Talents are always welcome.

Moscow, Presnenskaya Naberezhnaya, 6/2. Imperia Tower, Southern Lobby, floor 57, office 57-10


Together Towards

The Quantum-A Group of Companies has a long history of developing telecom and mobile services for our partners – mobile carriers. Our aim is to be fast, flexible and efficient. We combine our exellent technical expertise, which allows us to launch products instantly, with a marketing experience and know-how, which allows a mobile carrier to get real benefits from them quickly.

We will be happy to explore how we can work together to add benefit to your business.

Geo services

Developing lbs-services is one of the earliest areas our team works at. When saying “creating the services” we mean a comprehensive approach — starting with carrier-grade geo platform we have developed up to B2C and B2B services built on this platform.

Mobile advertising

Our A2P-solutions handling text message traffic are already used by multiple carriers handling billions of sent messages every months. Generally, mobile advertising is a new line of business both for us and for mobile carriers.

Currently we are developing Quasar advertising platform based on carrier’s subscriber data handling. The platform will deliver an innovative unique advertising tool to the market.

Signal network products

One of our teams, and to be more exact, our laboratory situated in Saint-Petersburg is affiliated with the Bonch-Bruevich State University of Telecommunications. Our specialists create and implement carrier-grade infrastructure solutions designed to optimize distribution of calls between carriers and enhance quality of carrier’s core service.